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What is Séclat?



It's the bowl of green apples in an all white room.


It's the vintage cocktail ring with your LBD.


It's the single white orchid on a farmhouse table.


It's the hand-whipstitched clutch against your favorite dark wash denim. 


It's " the thing " that takes Simple to Stunning. 


Séclat = Subtil ( subtle) + Éclat ( panache) 








Who are we?


We're identical twin sisters with very different work backgrounds ( Patty was an Editor and Writer for magazines such as Glamour, Mademoiselle and InStyle, Katie was a Corporate Banker) and a shared passion for unique accessories. Having both spent 15 years in New York City where the style bar is high but time is short, we learned a valuable lesson:  Dress simply but always have ONE knockout accessory. 


We hope our clutches are that for you.  Stay tuned for more unique pieces.



Katie and Patty

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